Aiden’s Key Lime Pie Ice Cream Birthday Cake



In our house, like many I guess, the tradition is that the birthday person gets to pick his or her birthday cake and I create it.  Some years ago, we went from my go-to domed ice cream cake creations (molded in the yellow Pyrex bowl) which were pretty easy to assemble and accommodated all sorts of flavor combos, to requests which were a bit elaborate for my skill level (read: patience with fiddly things).  For some reason – my bull-headedness perhaps – I would accept each challenge with generally reasonable success.  Quadruple chocolate ice cream layer cake?  Done!  Forty-seven-fruit-flavors-in-one ice cream layer cake? Done.  Banoffee pie as ice cream layer cake? Uh… Anyway.

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Strawberry Pa Looza!


Angel food cake with roasted strawberries

Recipes for everything strawberry!  Homemade ice cream and fudge sauce, roasted strawberries for the perfect angel food cake, strawberry limeade, and strawberries and cream biscuits.  Stretchy pants optional but recommended.

Every Spring I look forward to two things of the verdant variety.  First is planting my pot garden (that still amuses me; for the easily scandalized among us, I am referring to my vegetable container garden) and the second, more reliable, is strawberry season.  I start trolling the pick-your-own farm websites at the beginning of May and then give a week or two to clear out the scary die-hard pickers (those folks that come in with their own containers, jam and jelly on their minds, and a sense of territory that would put a pit bull to shame).

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