Cranberry Bliss Bars

A homemade version of the very popular Christmas treat at Starbucks known as the Cranberry Bliss Bar.  A white chocolate and cranberry flecked citrus blondie with just the right schmear of cream cheese frosting.  Perfect any time of year with your cuppa … tea or coffee.


I can’t remember exactly when I had my first Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bar but I do remember thinking (in no particular order): it could become a very expensive habit, sitting out in the air too long would make them go stale quickly, and only having them available during Christmas holidays was not an option…. I mean, what’s a girl to have as a treat with her coffee mid-March? A cake pop?! Pfft! That’s so last fad.  Never to be outfoxed by a baked good, I went searching into the ether and came back with a promising knock-off recipe … which I further knocked off.  Peace and sanity were restored and mah belly was happy.

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